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InnoCan Pharma $INNO Announces an Injectable CBD Milestone


Innocan Pharma achieves major milestone in developing its unique CBD-loaded liposome platform technology for injectable CBD

Innocan Pharma Corporation, labelled INNO on the CSE and IP4 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is pleased to announce today an animal study on mice, demonstrated a prolonged release of CBD into the blood for at least three weeks after one administration. This study was conducted by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, based on Innocan’s licensed CBD loaded liposome platform technology (“LPT”) for injectable CBD.
The study found significant amounts of CBD in the mice’s blood 21 days after they were injected with a single injection of liposomal CBD using Innocan’s CBD loaded LPT.
These results are substantial when comparing the oral or smoking administration of CBD, in which CBD was found in the blood of mice only for a period of up to 36 hours after one administration.
These results open the door for future experiments to prove the lack of toxicity and beneficial therapeutic efficacy of the formulations.
Innocan Israel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, has entered into a worldwide exclusive research and license agreement with the commercial arm of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in respect of the design, preparation, characterization and evaluation of hydrogels containing CBD loaded liposomes.

The research and development is led by Professor Barenholz, head of the Membrane and Liposome research department at The Hebrew University, which was the inventor of over 55 patent families, two of which underlie Doxil® – an FDA approved drug for breast cancer treatment. The LPT unique technology platform may be implemented for several indications such as epilepsy, pain relief, and different inflammation indications. A patent was filed on this technology on October 7, 2019.

Learn more at innocanpharma.com and join us to a live stream with our CEO Iris Bincovich on October 14th at livestream.innocanpharma.com


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