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✨24K African Kombo Whipped Rich🌾 Oatmeal Cream🌍 Musical Quickie


I made this luxurious cream with a new ingredient that I got on sale at Baraka Shea Butter. It is a super concentrated and nutrient rich butter called Kombo Butter. This DIY whipped lotion recipe is beginner friendly as I am using a versatile lotion base with all the ingredients present for creating a stable emulsion.


Phase A
23.4 % /50 g Lavender Hydrosol
23.4%/50 g Distilled Water
2.34%/ 5 g Dry Colloidal Oats ( or 5% handmade colloidal liquid oats)

Phase B
46.81% / 100g Multi Base Easy Lotion
.94% / 2 g Baraka Kombo Butter
1.4% / 3 g Baraka Traditional Coconut Oil
.47%/ 1 g CBD (100 mg/ml) oil or Hemp Seed Oil
.23 %/ .5 g Golden Jojoba Oil

Phase C
0.94% / 2 g Germaben 2 preservative
.05%/ .1 g Lavindin grosso essential oil
.01%/ .03 g Tea tree essential oil
Phase D
24 K Gold Dust (edible) for decoration–optional

Mix Phase A.
Blend Phase B.
Add Phase A To Phase B.
Mix Phase C. Add To final lotion.
Check/adjust pH to approx. 5.5
Pipe into containers. Dust with 24K edible gold dust.

For more information about Kombo butter check out the Baraka Shea Butter video link… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG104cNzL6g&t=1s

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