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How New York legalization impacts the sector | Business of Cannabis


This podcast is from BofC Live, where we where we deliver cannabis news, and explore the companies, brands, people and trends driving the cannabis industry.

This cannabis podcast was recorded live in New York in December 2021. Matt Karnes, is the founder at Greenwave Advisors, a cannabis centric advisors firm. The firm’s service offerings include independent research and analysis, due diligence, license valuations/applications and other advisory services. Karnes served as an equity analyst on both the sell side (including Bear Stearns and Cowen) and buy side (long/short equity hedge fund). GreenWave Advisors is based in New York City.

Business of Cannabis is a cannabis industry platform marrying cannabis news, video and podcast content, newsletters and online and real-world cannabis events. This channel highlights the cannabis companies, cannabis brands, cannabis leaders and cannabis trends driving the sector.

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