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REV Talk: The Urgent Need for Progress Not Perfection With Carbon Calories and Detox Life


Thank you so much for joining our co-founder Cora Hilts today for our first virtual REV Talk! It was really quite sad to have stopped hosting these at Soho House as it’s our belief that we all benefit from community and knowledge sharing has never been more important, so we wanted to start this event series again digitally whilst we keep everyone safe.

We are thrilled to welcome back two incredibly inspiring people who we have had on the podcast, but who’s work together really shines when they are in a joint session. Alexander Frantzen and Johanna Ljunggren come from two very different backgrounds, but have come together to start Carbon x Regeneration, which is a masterclass on understanding our carbon footprints and what we can do to improve them.

Today we are talking about the urgent need for progress, not perfection, when it comes to sustainability and how we can all hold ourselves and companies accountable whilst being proactive and hopeful about the future. It is a trying time but we all believe in the power of the positive so today’s conversation ultimately revolves around that.

I will now welcome our guests and am so excited to bring this talk to you all!


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