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Psychedelic Myths Destroyed: Facts vs Fiction


Don’t end up like the kid on the thumbnail. Knowing what you are doing when it comes to psychedelic medicine is a big deal. These medicines are powerful tools that come with real, if severely inflated and exaggerated, dangers. Aside from misinformation’s capacity to engender harm, a more common effect is a lessening of efficacy. You can get more out of these experiences if you truly understand them. There is probably more fake news floating around about psychedelics than nearly any other subject. Government propaganda, Christian Fundamentalist based conspiracy theory, rampant Gallen-Kruger, and a lot of people speaking about things of which they have no actual knowledge (those who know do not speak, and those that speak do not know) all have contributed to a vast psuedo-mythological Bullshit Beast. It it will ram its horns up your ass if you’re not paying attention. Unfortunately, good-intentions aside, the proliferation of the plant-medicine industry has contributed much unneeded feed to the aforementioned Beast of Bullshit, and it is essential that we get properly edukated. Y’all don’t wanna spind the rest of yer lyfe thinkin you is a glass of a’renge juice, now do ya’?
All jokes aside, psychedelics are one of the most important discoveries in all of human history, and they have never been more relevant than they are right now. What the world needs now is a powerful constituency that is unencumbered by the traumas of personal and collective history, uninfluenced my religious or political doctrines and dogma, and cognizant of the necessity to achieve proper homeostasis between self-interest and collective well-being. And that constituency is emerging like the first rays of new dawn. Scattered, but powerful, and bright with promise of hope and rebirth.
Drawing on thirty years of research and experience, tonight we will shine the light on the Bullshit Beast, and dissolve it with our light beam of truth.
Will psychedelics really make you go insane? Will they make you stupid? Did Timothy Leary invent LSD? Is the psychedelic movement a CIA psy-op (idiots; this one is so dumb that I have to spoil it) Was Gordon Wasson a CIA agent? How many babies did Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead eat in order to get famous? What is an ayahuasca dieta? Can white people become shaman? What is a shaman, anyway? All of these common questions and many more will be answered tonight in the interest of focusing our efforts to initiate the Iconoclysm (Iconoclasm+cataclysm).

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