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UK Cannabis Representation (in tabloids/ wider media): In Conversation with Simpa Carter (Episode 7)


A conversation between Tyler Green & Simpa Carter all about cannabis’ representation in our nation’s Tabloids and the wider media

Chapter list
00:00 Intro
00:30 Topic today: Tabloids & Exposes
01:43 Data and spins on news stories
02:59 “Causing psychosis” – associating cannabis to problems
04:44 Cannabis Language – used to paint negative pictures
05:19 Daily Mail Expose on Instagram dealers
08:06 Data on Alcohol and tobacco deaths – going further
09:08 Daily Mail Expose pt 2
10:39 “Saving the children”
12:59 Theoretical Concerns vs real life suffering
15:10 Cannabis left out of the environmental conversation
17:00 How much and how little has changed in a decade
17:33 Tabloid Readership
19:09 Social grades
20:06 Recent Tabloid Cannabis article titles
21:35 Cannabis sweets in trick or treats
23:37 Good cannabis news sources
26:23 When you see good stories – also be suspicious
27:31 Changes 2016-2017
27:64 London Legalisation pilot scheme
30:09 home office report on stop and search withheld as it shows discrimination (This has still not been released)
33:02 Stop and search data
33:38 Daily Mail Expose pt 3
34:50 Cannabis helps people turn their lives around
35:11 How mainstream media spins stories connected to cannabis
36:13 Tabloid ownership
37:13 How the tabloids influence the public against cannabis
40:11 News quality is depreciating
41:09 How do we report better on cannabis?
43:59 Stuck in the Algorithms
45:44 Decentralisation
46:41 The Simpa Life Podcast plug
48:27 The language we think with influences how we think
49:39 Outro

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