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Pe245 Clip: Explaining the Catch-22 of Medical Cannabis + Why The ECS is So Important


Opponents of medical cannabis have long argued it’s impossible for one plant to impact such a wide range of illnesses, claiming cannabis is “too good to be true”. Dr. Greg Gerdeman’s decades of pharmacology work on the Endocannabinoid System & phytocannabinoid interactions has helped elucidate the root causes of the ECS’s many effects on health & wellness.

In this clip from our recent interview, Dr. Gerdeman explains why cannabis’s range of health benefits can often be its own worst enemy, and breaks down the science behind why the ECS is so integral to wellness & healthy aging.

Listen to episode Pe245 on your favorite podcast app, the Periodic Effects app, or on our YouTube channel for more insights from Dr. Gerdeman’s long career in cannabis science & new ventures in industrial hemp

Watch the full episode = https://youtu.be/L0NVU2uxM7I

Connect with Dr. Gerdeman on LinkedIn = https://www.linkedin.com/in/glgerdeman/

Discover NASHCX’s hemp industry commodities exchange platform = http://www.nashcx.com/

Try searching “ECS” on the Periodic Search Cannabis Education Engine to hear more expert insights on the largest & oldest signalling system in the human body – https://periodicsearch.com/


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