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Cannabis News: Democratic Lawmakers Introduce The Fair And Independent Experts In Clemency Act


Last Friday, a coalition of more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers introduced the Fair and Independent Experts in Clemency (FIX Clemency) Act.

Democrats from Massachusetts, Missouri, and New York are leading the bill, with Representative Jeffries from New York stating in a press release, “Fueled by the failed war on drugs, the mass incarceration epidemic that our nation faces has ruined lives, families, and communities.”

The FIX Clemency Act would remove clemency power from the Justice Department and grant power instead to an independent board selected by the president, filled with nine members uniquely chosen for their involvement.

Appointees must include at least one formerly incarcerated person, someone who was directly impacted by crime, a person with experience at a federal defender organization, and a representative of the Justice Department.


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