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Adam Dunn Show 12-17-21


20 years …..so much can happen good and bad ,but just being here in the present means you have won….wow getting so “Sillyphofical” at the years end well almost the end. This weeks show is a “ReDunnion episode 20 years in the making Our Guest @marcusaurelius has been in the trenches all these years and more, we crossed paths many moons ago while Marcus was on a mission to Amsterdam to procure the finest Genetics he could ,and that led him on a lifelong path to isolate and maintain said lines. Well over those years Marcus has done just that with a little *vacation in the middle, but he is back with a vengence his outdoor crops this year blew away many indoor crops.His revival of old school early 90’strains is a honorable contribution to our industry that can only be achieved by those that were there. Our mutual friend Bucky from @2treesfarm will join the convo and fill us in on how he has been helping Marcus and his wife’s new company Golden Road Farms get into the legal market with original old school lines that he has carefully held on to for over 20 years. You can also check out the bubblegum reunion show from a couple of years ago where Bucky gives me back my original Bubblegum cut this is like the Pt2 episode …..I heard he might even have a present for J-lo …… so dust off that 4ft JBD ,roll those bombers and join us 12/17/21 4:20-7:10MT on YouTube.com/adamdunnshow #sagemastaselect #seedsherenow #iluminarlighting #area420 #goldenroadfarms #2treesfarm #redunnion #20years #oldschoolgenetics


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