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#5 - Lower back pain and overcoming acute and overuse injuries with The Lakes Physio


The Lakes Physio, Butch Redoblado, and I chat about injury prevention and management. Getting injured is part of the process of pushing your body to the limits but this doesn’t mean you have to stop training. We chat about training around the injury, not through the injury and overcoming lower back pain, acute and overuse injuries and considerations for training as you age. I’m a big fan of his ‘hands on’ approach!

Find The Lakes Physio at @thelakesphysio on Instagram or go straight to their website if you can see them in Brisbane: www.thelakesphysio.com.au.

If you want to join Team Brock Ashby for body transformation coaching and online personal training, check out https://teambrockashby.com/.

Let’s go!


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