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CBD Math 101: "What's the difference between 'mg' and 'ml'?!" Part 1 of 5 in series.


Trying to figure out your daily dosage for cannabis and CBD can be challenging if you don’t understand the measurements! You simply can’t take cannabis or CBD in Canada and not know the difference between a milligram (mg) and millilitre (ml) and we promise that we’ll explain it in a way that makes sense!! You’ll get it. Your CBD understanding will flourish. Life will be good. 🙂

This CBD Math Series 101 is all about helping Canadians figure out their cannabis / CBD daily dosage in ‘mg’ – regardless of whether you use vapes, edibles, topicals, oils, etc. Once you can figure out ‘mg’ for all the formats then you can more easily keep track of your daily dose with whatever you take. We get the math hesitation for many people – we’ll help.

0:00 Intro
0:23 mg vs ml
0:35 by weight
0:55 by volume
1:05 weight vs volume
1:17 CBD dosage
1:37 outro


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