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Science and genetics…what makes better seeds? An interview w/ Ido Margalit, Cofounder BetterSeeds


In this episode we go beyond just cannabis & CBD genetics. A small Israeli based startup, BetterSeeds, is on a mission to create better seeds for all the crops grown worldwide. Better crop genetics will be the key solving the growing demand for increased production.

BetterSeeds makes use of genome editing technology (CRISPR-Cas9) in order to produce new varieties, incorporating game changing traits which are not today available across all crops due to the limitations of conventional breeding. One example of this is ketchup. Without one genetic trait that was discovered in tomatoes a few decades ago we wouldn’t have had ketchup.

We interviewed BetterSeeds CEO/Co-founder, Ido Margalit, who helps explain the science behind BetterSeeds. And, Ido helps to explain how their technology is also improving the Cannabis & Hemp industry. Check out this latest episode.

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