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Tooth Pain Relief | Toothache Causes


Toothache Pain | Causes of Tooth Pain & Relief

A tooth ache can be incredibly painful. In this video, I’m going to review the top causes of teeth pain, aching & tooth sensitivity. If your tooth hurts, I would definitely recommending watch the entire toothache video to see if you can identify some of the reasons for aching teeth including tooth decay, infections, wisdom teeth pain & much more. . . . I also go over how the dentist provides toothache relief in each case.

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Toothache Intro
00:27 – Tooth Decay
02:43 – Teeth Bite
04:20 – Sore Gums
06:52 – Cracked Tooth
08:17 – Wisdom Teeth
10:20 – Whitening Teeth
13:00 – Conclusion

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