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Dr. Brad Campbell: Adrenal Fatigue, Gut Health and Ways to Build Your Immune System


This week I interviewed my holistic physician Dr. Brad Campbell.

Dr. Campbell believes that we all deserve a life of vitality. His goal is to build a compassionate, lifelong relationship with each patient. Rather than specializing in one area of the body and seeing all patients as having issues in that area, Dr. Campbell combines all of your history, symptoms, and body systems into one cohesive picture.

In this episode, Dr. Brad discusses the importance of addressing the root cause of disease, the problem with our current healthcare system, along with:

00:00 Glimpse
00:44 Intro
01:42 Welcoming Dr. Brad Campbell
01:57 How do you choose what to study and how it applies to your practice?
04:21 What type of blood work do you do?
05:35 Finding what works for each individual is difficult
07:37 The biggest issue with the health care system
10:39 What got you into functional medicine?
13:27 What are some of the big pillars of health that you advise?
17:05 What’s your routine?
20:26 Is this something that you touch on with your clients?
21:04 Downsides of caffeine
24:29 Daily consumption of alcohol
27:03 What about CBD, THC?
30:40 Adrenal fatigue
33:43 Markers to lookup
35:15 Educating through HealthAssuranceMovement.org
36:23 When did you start this?
37:03 Ways to improve the immune system
38:15 What do you look for in a good probiotic?
41:53 Tip to get the body back to what it once was
45:49 Best place to find Dr. Brad Campbell
46:37 Fat Burner Blueprint Signature Program
47:34 Outro

Connect with Dr. Brad:

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