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Bilirubin test procedure in Hindi | direct bilirubin, indirect bilirubin and total bilirubin test


Bilirubin test procedure in hindi – This lecture explains about the bilirubin test in hindi for the general audience. Bilirubin test is a major indicative test to identify jaundice disease. Jaundice results in various liver problems including the yellowish coloration of skin and stool. Bilirubin should be of normal range to keep a person healthy. This video also compares between total bilirubin test, direct bilirubin test and indirect bilirubin test. This diagnostic video tutorial will explain the following –
1. What is bilirubin test?
2. Bilirubin test procedure
3. Bilirubin range in blood
4. Normal range of bilirubin in blood
5. Abnormalities associated with bilirubin
6. What happens if blood bilirubin is increased?
7. What happens if blood bilirubin is decreased?
8. What is jaundice and how to maintain a healthy life to protect jaundice.
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