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Why Are We Yearning For Tradition In 2021? – Tim Stanley | Modern Wisdom Podcast 391


Tim Stanley is a historian, author and leader writer for the Daily Telegraph.

The modern world has given us a lot. Safety and warmth, lighting at night, medicine, new age religions, Deliveroo and OnlyFans, but a lot of people feel unhappy with the life that modernity has handed them and are pulled toward a different style of living, one where they embrace values of the past rather than the future.

Expect to learn why The West is as war with its own history, how Notre Dam nearly became a swimming pool, why Liberalism is the primary villain, why conservatives are terrible at conserving things, how men’s roles in society have been eroded, why all revolutions look the same and much more.

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00:00 Intro
00:54 Why Tim is Interested in Tradition
06:44 The War with our own History
15:13 Is Liberalism the Primary Villain?
22:17 Tim’s Studies of Circumcision
31:55 Erasing Figures of History
36:47 Traditional Roles Within The Family
46:59 Culture’s Role in Managing Traditions
52:21 Predicting a Tradition Counter-culture
1:06:00 Where to Find Tim

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