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How to Feed and Water Cannabis Plants – A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman


Kyle Kushman is here with a great video tutorial showing you how to water cannabis plants and feed them the correct amounts of nutrients to ensure they develop into strong, sturdy plants.

How to water your cannabis plants correctly can be quite a difficult part of the process to get right. It’s just as easy to overwater your cannabis plants as it is to underwater them. Watering cannabis plants is the primary method of feeding cannabis plants the nutrients they need to grow. Considering what we just mentioned, it is just as easy to provide cannabis with excess nutrients as it is to give your plants nutrient deficiencies.

Depending on the grow medium you choose to use, the nutrient and water requirements will be slightly different. Whether you’re growing in soil, a different organic medium, hydroponics, or some other soilless medium – your plants will require specific levels of nutrients and also water. Having tried virtually every indoor growing medium, Kyle Kushman is an expert on growing indoors and therefore offers a good wealth of information on the feeding schedules and requirements for different mediums. A good piece of information to be aware of is the nutrient feeding schedule provided by the nutrient manufacturers.

In terms of the feeding schedule, cannabis plants require different nutrients in the seedling, vegetative and flowering stages. Also, before harvesting, cannabis plants will need to be flushed. Flushing requires no nutrients, only water to flush the excess nutrients out before the buds are removed.

Kyle Kushman’s top tip for watering cannabis plants is to make use of cycling. This consists of watering your marijuana plants until they’re completely saturated before allowing them to dry completely and then repeat the process. However, be aware that at some grow stages, cannabis plants will require less water and in some stages less or no nutrients.

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