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the research on CBD for firefighters


Since the CBD molecule was isolated in 1963, research has been consistently done to assess the benefits and effectiveness of CBD.

While tests haven’t been done on firefighters (yet), we have information on what CBD does to the brain and body.

Why should you care? Because here’s what CBD was researched to effect:
Sound familiar?

Look, I’m not saying CBD is a cure for anything because it’s not. What I AM saying is that over the decades, we’ve seen all the evidence point in the same general direction for many things.

Because of that, we can see promise and we can’t ignore the potential benefits since it’s safe for use and no addiction potential.

Stuff I talk about in this episode:
Specific studies from respected universities
The conclusions of researchers and scientists for specific benefits of CBD
Why firefighters benefit from the use of CBD
What the future of CBD in the fire service looks like

The U.S. Fire Service is very reactive to our physical and mental health. Part of that blame is on us though. We need to take care of ourselves a bit better. We shouldn’t wait until we have crippling anxiety or sleep issues plaguing our nights to get treatment.

We could do a lot more to deal with this stuff BEFORE it becomes a problem. CBD is just one of the pieces to this puzzle, but I want to talk about it because it’s the piece that we know the least about.

How much research is done on a proper diet to help with sleep and inflammation? I bet you haven’t read or heard of any of it, but you’ll still do it because it seems to be common sense.

Well now we have this all-natural compound that is being feverishly researched. Let’s look at what’s being concluded and make some common sense decisions!

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