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Go: CBD Oil for Energy Product Video


Product page: https://www.newphaseblends.com/product/energetic-hemp-oil-500mg-cbd-synephrine/

A True Scientific Breakthrough on CBD Oil for Energy and Focus

Are you ready to explore the world of using CBD for energy and focus?

“Go” CBD Oil for Energy by New Phase Blends takes full advantage of the focus-enhancing properties of natural synephrine, combined with a low dose of CBD for an energy boost. Perfect for morning or mid-day use, “go” is formulated to enhance your mental acuity and give you a burst of energy.

Using CBD for energy is a much safer, and much more efficient way to supplement with energy-enhancing products. Our bodies are equipped with an Endocannabinoid System that can be stimulated by cannabinoids, like CBD, for a number of different outcomes. Using CBD for energy is simply one of these outcomes.

Formulated with Synephrine, MCT Oil, and CBD for Energy and Improved Focus

Synephrine is an alkaloid found in a naturally-occurring mixture of phytochemicals in the rind or fruit of bitter orange. It’s a caffeine-like stimulant that can increase your focus but doesn’t come with the energy crash that’s often associated with taking coffee and caffeine-based energy drinks.

Synephrine is also frequently used as a natural weight-loss or energy stimulant that increases fat oxidation rates during exercise. In other words, synephrine helps you burn more fat during physical activity.

Meanwhile, MCT oil is a natural supplement derived from a fat known as medium-chain triglycerides. MCT is known to stimulate the body’s production of ketones — an energy source for the brain that also enhances focus.

By combining CBD, synephrine, and MCT oil, we’ve created a formula that improves your concentration and increases your energy levels. Remember, it is crucial that CBD is used in low doses to take advantage of its’ energizing properties. New Phase Blends’ specialized formulation utilizes this low dose which results in one of the best products on the market that uses CBD for energy.

Building on the Potency of Using CBD Oil for Energy Enhancement
New Phase Blends is one of the first — if not the first — CBD and hemp companies to recognize the fact that CBD can be used for energy and not just sedation.

Cannabinoids alone are great, but when blended with other natural compounds, a synergistic effect occurs like nothing else we’ve seen. To create “go”, we mixed synephrine in small doses of 10mg per serving with lower doses of premium-grade CBD extract to deliver the most powerful CBD-based energy supplement on the market. A genuine CBD oil for energy has officially arrived.


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