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Cannabis, NFTs, Psychedelics: The Best Emerging Sector? | Midas Letter RAW ft. FLGC, CGOC, CPTR, WDR


If you want to beat the stock market, one way to do it is to invest in the best sectors of the market. Although finding them can be tricky and due diligence is definitely required on investing in smaller companies within each emerging sector, there are lots of opportunities to be had! In this week’s episode of Midas Letter RAW, we profile a few companies within the most promising emerging spaces. Cannabis, Psychedelics, gaming, crypto, and the NFT spaces are all discussed.

What are you investing in at the moment?

00:00 – Midas Letter RAW
01:08 – Commodities (copper & lumber)
02:13 – Bitcoin (BTC)
02:53 – OPEC & oil prices
04:19 – Show Guest Rundown
5:50 – Cybin opening 129 mental health clinics in US
5:59 – COMPASS Pathways working with Kin’g College London
06:17 – 100m track star Sha’Carri Richardson cannabis suspension
06:53 – Apple allowing cannabis on app store, but not Google
07:22 – Tilray Aphria delivered medical cannabis in Germany
07:51 – Illinois $400m tax revenue
08:16 – **Wondr Gaming interview**
22:23 – **Captor Capital interview**
33:50 – **Bruce Campbell interview**
45:48 – **Flora Growth interview**

We have four interviews on deck taking you through that theme:

1. Wondr Gaming (CNSX:WDR) CEO Jon Dwyer Wondr Gaming is reimagining the gaming ecosystem through loyalty and reward incentives. Jon Dwyer also provides interesting intel on NFT’s. A new synthetic asset class that will probably make savvy speculators a bit of money. Wondr Gaming is the company for you if you want some exposure to the newly emerging NFT space.

2. Captor Capital Corp (CNSX:CPTR) CEO of JV Captor Retail Group Adam Wilks Captor is a vertically-integrated cannabis company supplying both recreational and medical cannabis products to consumers in California at its One Plant dispensaries. As California as a state struggles with consumers buying directly from the blackmarket, Captor is a company successfully navigating those waters.

3. StoneCastle Cannabis Growth Fund Portfolio Manager & Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp (CNSX:CGOC) CIO Bruce Campbell Regular guest and cannabis analyst Bruce Campbell joins us to discuss major developments in the cannabis sector over the last month. We discuss jurisdictions moving towards legalizations in the US, Canadian LP’s losing market share, some companies exceptional profitability, the Californian black market, and his opinion on who is the overall market leader…

4. Flora Growth Corp (NASDAQ:FLGC) CEO Luis Merchan Flora Growth is new to the stock market but has all the box’s checked off and accomplished to be a successful player. Flora recently listed on the NASDAQ and has operations in 12 countries with product lines across flower, clothing, cosmetics, and food/beverage. One to watch 👀

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