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Mobility for Ankle Stiffness – Pt.1. Dorsiflexion | Tim Keeley | Physio REHAB


Stiff ankle? We see this with just about every ankle sprain and ankle pain with exercise. The loss of dorsi-flexion can be helped with Physio mobilisation of the ankle (talocrural) joint in a AP (anterior-posterior) direction.

In clinic we do this in neutral and then into various range of dorsi-flexion to get the end range movement and assist the glide of the talus under the tibia and help stretch out the capsule and soft tissue. Makes a massive difference to the range of movement.

As homework using a powerband to act as the Physio’s hands really helps with active patient dorsiflexion overtop. It’s the reverse movement than in clinic but the same direction.

Shout out to Kelly Starrett @suppleleopard from @thereadystate for this one as I completely stole this from him. Thanks mate.

Part two follows in a week or so where we go into plantar-flexion

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