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Different ways to Smoke Marijuana and devices to use


When it comes to marijuana use, the next most important concern after the flower’s quality is the method of consumption. Marijuana consumers that have knowledge of one or two methods of consuming marijuana hardly research other beneficial ways the flower can be smoked. However, if you’re about to smoke your first marijuana or you’re keen on expanding your knowledge on other ways to smoke the marijuana flower, then keep reading. Who knows—you may find a more appealing method to smoke marijuana. 

Hand Pipes are often used to smoke marijuana

Hand pipes are definitely the most common way to smoke marijuana in most parts of the world.  Most people prefer smoking cannabis from a pipe due to the simple, portable and small structure of hand pipes.  

Modern hand pipes are designed in different styles and creative forms to make them a part of the smoker’s fashion statement. These pipes work by trapping the smoke that’s produced from igniting the marijuana plant, the user then inhales this smoke. 


Bong, which is also called binger, billy or bubbler, is a device used for smoking marijuana. Bongs have been around for over a century, and it’s said that the word is coined out from the Thai word “baung” which is used to describe the carved bamboo tree that Thai natives use in smoking cannabis. 

In this modern time, bongs have been reinvented from being a carved bamboo tree to a pipe that bubbles marijuana smoke to the lungs. Bongs bubble, filter and cool the marijuana smoke before it gets to the entry points of the body. 

Rolling Papers to smoke marijuana

This is often adopted when smoking blunts or joints. Joint is marijuana rolled in paper, and the composition often includes rice, hemp, bamboo and other things the user wishes to add. Blunt on the other hand is marijuana rolled in a cigar paper with nicotine. Individuals that consume blunt have a flair for the combined effect of marijuana and nicotine; however, health-conscious consumers of marijuana are advised to stay-off blunt due to the toxins it releases. A way to curb these toxins is by using a weed filter, as such, you should learn how to effectively use a weed filter if this option appeals to you. 


Hookahs are more common than smoking shisha over marijuana. When marijuana is smoked in shisha, it is often mixed with other substances because the low water content leads to the marijuana plant burning too fast, which wastes the plant and produce an unpleasantly bitter or pungent taste.
Financially prudent individuals might have to consider other methods as hookahs results in the waste of a high percentage of marijuana. To solve this issue, smokers sandwich the cannabis between tobacco, and this leads to the same perks with smoking blunts. Another solution to this problem is opting for a hookah that’s designed for multiple smokers; this will lead to faster consumption, and efficient use of the hookah. 

Homemade devices to smoke marijuana

This mode of smoking weed helps you to access your inner creativity and create a onetime cannabis smoking tool. Pipes are the most popular homemade device as it’s very simple to construct. The safety of this smoking method is primarily dependent on the material for producing the device. 


Vaporizers offer one of the healthiest and logical choices to smoke weed. The vaporizer works by steadily heating the herb to a temperature that makes it easy to extract its constituents. But the temperature is too low for the release of toxins that’s harmful to the body system; this reduces the odor that’s characteristics of marijuana smoking. There are different types of marijuana, and you can opt for different kinds. 

In Summary 

Marijuana use is becoming more popular daily, and this is due to the rise of the adoption of marijuana for health reasons. In this article, we’ve elucidated different ways to smoke marijuana that’s beyond the traditional ways you probably know. 

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