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The Farting Flea Logo Competition


Bruce aka The Farting Flea is running a competition till the end of march to find a lucky logo for his startup company. Not only some awesome prizes for the winner, but also a A3 digital print of your own design!!!

Bruce started by making his own rolling tray allowing him to keep all his bits and pieces used to roll and smoke in one easy location, on a tray! But his craft is turning into a business now and he needs a logo designed!

His craft has already grown into a part-time business and he is looking at taking it a step further. So any talented or not so talented designers, are welcome to submit as many logo designs of their choice by tagging him ( @thefartingflea ) on Instagram or emailing him a sample.

Wooden Rolling Tray Farty Flea

Much easier to have all your rolling papers, tips, with your grinder, pipe and lighter on one neat tray. The wooden rolling tray is easy to carry around and can be used on a flat hard surface or balanced on both your knees while you roll a fat one. All rolling trays are handcrafted using a variety of woods.

So basically, for the winner of best logo design for the farting flea wins the sponsored prizes below, winner takes all.

The prizes are massive!

2x 10 seed packs and stickers from @motherland_genetics_official (white cookies & lemon cookies) 1x 5 pack seeds and stickers from @gingerapeseedco 2x pack seeds 10 palomino F1 and 3 tortoni from @totemic_canncraft 1x 50ml 600mg CBD oil, 1x tshirt from @cannabinoid_farms_africa 1x pack of porridge for plants from @rhizo_pgpr_za 1x 500ml bottle of 401 from @biodyne_za 1x bag of living soil from @organicsmattersa 1x pack of 40mg cookies from @high10ed_031
1x A3 print of the winning logo (once the contest ends) The competition runs until the end of the month (31st March 2021)  and anyone can submit as many designs as they want. Below are a few pictures and competition guidelines for inspiration, on what the Farting Flea is about, designed and developed by the Farting Flea himself.

Farting Flea Logo
Farting Flea

Hey guys and lady guys. As mentioned before, I need a logo designed for The Farting Flea. The winning design will get their owner a personalized rolling tray, 1000 years of good luck, world wide fame and maybe even another little something something! Not too shabby hey? DM me for details and references. ????

So here are the guidelines:

1) I am looking for a cartoon like image of a farting flea.
2) the drawing should be fairly simple for etching purposes (see post pic).
3) please try and make me laugh.
4) winner to be chosen on 31 March 2021
5) Show me yours and I’ll show you mine!

This competition is only valid to South Africans, but please don’t let that stop you overseas type people from entering. There is still the chance to win 1000 years of good luck and worldwide fame.

If you would like to speak with Bruce or enquire about your own custom rolling trays, please contact him via DM on IG. Click here. Best of luck.

Below are some samples of logo’s already submitted to the contest:

Farting Flea competition
Farting flea logo competition

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