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Cannabis Gets Cannected™ to Iconic Campaign Creator


Award-winning creative director behind some of the best-known advertising campaigns leads branding for new cannabis streaming media channel

NEW YORK – March 23, 2021 /Canna Newswire/ – Set to premiere next month, Cannected™ – previously known as “A New Cannabis Channel” – today announced the award-winning creative director behind some of America’s most iconic advertising and branding campaigns, Eric David, will be leading the branding efforts for the upcoming streaming television channel. Cannabis businesses can still join Cannected for its 4/20/21 extravaganza and be included when the new branding is revealed on the massive NASDAQ digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square and the channel begins streaming.

“Advertising has historically been accused of selling things to people that they don’t need,” said David. “Learning about the extraordinary health benefits of cannabis through this channel will change that paradigm forever.”

David’s work is ubiquitous in the American advertising landscape. He is the co-creator of the Aflac Duck, which is credited for helping Aflac grow from a $4 billion business to $11 billion in only two years. His advertising and branding work includes Aflac, Liberty Mutual, Napa Auto Parts, Chase, Outback Steakhouse, Burger King, Heineken and many others. David has likewise won some of the biggest awards in advertising, including Clios, Addys, Cannes, and Advertising Walk of Fame, just to name a few. His work has also been frequently featured in Advertising Age and AdWeek, among other trade publications.

Eric David is part of a team that includes television executives and streaming media pioneers, led by cannabis media maven Kerri Accardi, founder of 420MEDIA™.

“Everyone at Cannected has a story about how cannabis positively impacted their well-being,” said Accardi. “But all too often, people have stories about fear and struggles to learn about cannabis and find the right products. They are not alone; at Cannected we have hundreds of hours of video of people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe sharing their own stories with our viewers. This year, we plan to celebrate 4/20 by bringing an end to disinformation and hidden truths with the premiere of Cannected on TV.”

Initial programming will feature medical professionals and patients, professional athletes and entertainers, cannabis cultivators and scientists, the people who make cannabis products and the policy makers opening the door to legalization across the globe. With an extensive library of high-quality, authentic and relevant educational content, Cannected will be the ideal place for brands seeking exposure to the canna curious and confident. Cannected is empowered by 420MEDIA, which achieved historic firsts by airing 30-second cannabis commercial spots during prime-time programming on networks including BRAVO, Discovery and the History Channel, and the first-ever cannabis ads to air during an NFL Super Bowl.

Cannected is premiering globally on six television streaming services including Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV and LG Channels – services connected to 250 million televisions in just the United States alone. The channel will also be available online and accompanied by mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Amazon Mobile and Kindle.

For more information about Cannected contact info@cannected.tv.

Look for the new Cannected branding to be revealed on 4/20/21 as the channel premieres. Sign up for news about Cannected and its programming here anewcannabischannel.com.

About Cannected™
Cannected is founded by cannabis and television executives to bring mainstream digital capabilities to the cannabis, hemp and CBD industries. With its reputation for producing high-quality, engaging video entertainment, Cannected is empowered by 420MEDIA™. Featuring the biggest names in the cannabis industry and able to reach viewers worldwide – more than 250 million streaming devices in the United States alone – Cannected connects people to information, brands and products. Tune in on 4/20/21 when the Cannected logo debuts in Times Square and Cannected premieres at 4:20 pm EDT. For more information visit cannected.tv.

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