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Milo Betta Mints Raw Matcha CBD Blend (Nugg Edible Review 2019)


While the name will probably conjure thoughts of sugary treats, Milo Confections makes less common, though equally tasty, edibles growing in popularity–marijuana mints. However, you’ll discover these aren’t like most infused breath fresheners on the market. Milo Confections is an L.A. based brand with a simple mission: create superior cannabis infused mints that bring the plant’s benefits to any lifestyle.

Milo “Betta” mints are vegan-friendly and gluten-free, made using only high-quality ingredients, cannabis included. The brand infuses mint, the base of all their products, using raw California cannabis distillate, one of the cleanest extraction methods available.

Milo Betta mints are small, triangular, and surprisingly chewy with no cannabis taste. Their consistency and subtlety might remind you of those soft, pastel after-dinner mints you’d find in restaurants as a kid.

The Raw matcha blend combines the mellowing effects of CBD infusion with the caffeine and L-theanine rich green tea matcha blend, making it an excellent way to microdose throughout the day without a head high, but rather a natural cognitive buzz accompanied by the physically relaxing CBD.

There are three different formulas/flavors: Super Berry Blend THC, Açaí Berry Blend THC:CBD, and Raw Matcha Blend CBD. Each will give you consistent effects, unique flavor and fresh breath simultaneously!

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