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New York Cannabis License | MRTA Explained for NY Cannabis Business Licenses


New York Cannabis License Application | MRTA Explained for NY Cannabis Business Licenses

Any person can apply for a New York Cannabis license for a license to cultivate, process, distribute or dispense cannabis within this state for sale.

New York cannabis license application shall be in writing and verified and have to contain information as the Board requires. Applications have to be accompanied by a check or draft for the amount required for such license. If the board approves the application, it has to issue a license in such form as determined by its rules.

A separate license shall be required for each facility at which cultivation, processing, distribution or retail dispensing is conducted.

The board is authorized to adopt regulations, including by emergency rule, establishing information which must be included on an application for licensure.

Such information may include, but is not limited to:

information about the applicant’s identity, including racial and ethnic diversity;
ownership and investment information, including the corporate structure;
evidence of good moral character,
including the submission of fingerprints by the applicant to the division of criminal justice services; information about the premises to be licensed;
financial statements; and any other information prescribed by regulation.

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