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Cannabis Tarot Becomes the World’s First Cannabis NFT Collectible for the 2021 420 Holiday


SEATTLE – March 18, 2021 /Canna Newswire/ – Cannabis Tarot™ (www.CannabisTarot.com), the world’s first and only Cannabis Tarot deck, is leading the cannabis blockchain culture by releasing the FIRST Cannabis Collectible NFT in 2021 for the 420 holiday!

The Cannabis Tarot is already an Internationally-known, historic piece of Cannabis history, housed in both Hash, Hemp, and Marihuana Museums in Amsterdam and Barcelona, as well as the International Tarot Museum in Brussels, and honored in 2018 by becoming a part of the MIT Distinctive Collection.

“The Cannabis Tarot is the next level of Cannabis Plant Spirit integration by expanding new cultural adaptation and iconic designation that this sacred plant has always offered humanity,” stated Beautiful Existence, the Cannabis Medium who channeled the Cannabis Tarot in 2017.

As investors know, the NFT marketplace has become the hotspot for blockchain growth and collectibles as a store of value in our digital world. Now Cannabis blockchain enthusiasts can add a rare piece of Cannabis history to their NFT collections with the release of this first Cannabis NFT collectible in 2021 honoring the 420 Holiday.

The Cannabis Tarot’s first annual collectible offering is THE MAGICIAN card animated in a one-of-a-kind offering that brings the level of MAGIC both Cannabis and blockchain offer to our new world. A perfect first NFT Cannabis collectible for 2021 with this new mode of commerce and collectible store of value. The auction, being held on Rarible.com, was initially offered at .420 ETH (currently valued at $687.80 at the time of this press release) and sure to become a highly sought-after piece of this deck’s influence.

As 2021 continues the emergence of blockchain, and crypto as major new innovative and unique ways to buy, sell, and store value in our digital world, the Cannabis Tarot brings the cannabis industry into the new normal of blockchain, crypto, NFT’s and all things MAGIC related with this not-to-be-missed offering.

About Cannabis Tarot™
Cannabis Tarot is an Internationally-known piece of cannabis history that has been featured in media from High Times to Broccoli Magazine and is regularly featured monthly in SKUNK magazine through its channeler, The Cannabis Medium, Beautiful Existence.

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