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Top 13 Marijuana Products From California In 2021 – Latest Cannabis News Today


As states and countries begin to loosen their restrictions on marijuana laws, the market for these products seems to have exploded overnight. Learn about the top 10 cannabis products  trending out of California. Smoking bud has evolved into cannabis oil cartridges for those who prefer vaping, topical treatments for those suffering with various skin conditions, and even edible products such as teas that hold a number of effects such as helping with insomnia.

California, one of the leading states in producing marijuana products and the home to a hub of dispensaries, consistently has new types of THC and CBD products every year, attracting the attention of users globally. We explore the most popular that have been trending from California and share some insight into them. Learn the latest cannabis products and the most popular brands behind them too! 

1. THC Cartridges

Disposable vape cartridges that are pre-filled with THC extracted oil have become extremely popular in legalized marijuana states. Vape cartridges have become the most popular new type of marijuana products because of their conveniences. Cannabis smokers are replacing their smoking with vaping THC oil carts instead. A pre-filled cart will provide a lot more sessions and do so discreetly with a smell that is faint. No lighter required, these carts are used with vape batteries that either have a button or powered on by taking a hit.

Unfortunately, there are huge counterfeit issues with the most popular brands selling THC carts in California. Check out this extensive fake carts list with a closer look at made up brands being sold without any licenses. 

Raw Garden carts have created something of a loyal following for their products. With a sleek design and cannabis derived terpenes cartridges with different effects such as energize, inspire, uplift, and unwind, Raw Garden cartridges have multiple won Cannabis Cups. Their unique strains allow for optimal effects and high potency that keeps customers coming back for more. 

Airo Brands, another California-based company, has spent more than two years on research dedicated towards their products. Their products include an extensive variety of flavours such as Flower Hybrid and Clementine that help to appeal to a wide variety of customers who are looking for a unique and reliable experience. With their own line of vaporizers that help to deliver a smooth draw. 

2. 510-Thread Vape Batteries (For Both THC Carts)

The popularity of 510-thread cartridges has made a huge demand for the vape batteries that use them. There are a substantial amount of different 510-thread vape batteries available for sale, and with many different features. The prices for these vape battery options for THC carts can cost as cheap as $5 and up to a hundred dollars. These batteries can be found online or at most local smoke shops. The most popular 510-thread battery right now is the pipe vape battery.

Heavy Hitters provides a sleek and well-designed Ultra Premium Variable Voltage Battery that is incredibly user-friendly. With multiple heat settings, their 510-thread vape battery is perfect for controlling hits that deliver the desired dosage. Users have the option to switch voltage and preheat cartridges to personalize their experience however they deem fit. 

3. Bongs

Bongs have always been a popular choice for new and veteran cannabis smokers alike, and this is because of the more smoother hits. Bongs contain a chamber so water can allow smoke to pass through it causing it to become cooler, and more pleasurable to inhale. The best glass bongs have changed into more efficient designs, and have become much more affordable as the market explodes. A small glass bong for smoking cannabis can cost $20 online while a intricate filtration can cost a few hundreds to even thousands. 

4. Dab Rigs

People vaping hash has exploded because of the many different types of cannabis extracts that have been created, and they’ve become a replacement for weed with many of them. A dab rig is a glass device with water, similar to a glass bong, but it uses a dab nail and heating device such as a torch. It’s called dabbing, and provides an instant high that’s about 2-3 times more potent than smoking cannabis on average. A cheap dab rig is good enough to provide a high quality dabbing session. But there are more expensive electronic dab rigs available for sale that cost as much as a few hundred dollars, and offer a faster dabbing experience. 

5. Dab Nails

The dabbing community has really turned into a massive community, and there are different types of dab nails that provide different features. Find ceramic, titanium, and other types available for sale that can range from $9.99 to as high as a couple of hundred of dollars. Check out this list of the best dab nails in 2021 from International High Life. There are also e-nails which have an attachment that allow them to reach temperatures for dabbing with electricity. Traditionally, the first dab rigs came with titanium nails that were heated with a torch lighter. Many people still use butane lighters to heat up their dab nails, but they are slowly being replaced with other electronic options.

6. Prerolls

Pre Rolled joints, perhaps one of the most convenient and easy to use marijuana products, have been a consistent product on the marijuana market. Despite the COVID-19 public health crisis, marijuana prerolls have experienced a heavy increase in sales, 47.1% to be exact, from 2019 to 2020. However, with a wide variety of preferences and prerolls to choose from, finding quality ones can be an extensive process of trial and error. 

Located in Oakland, California, Biscotti boasts hash-infused prerolls in both singles and in a multi-pack. The potency range of their individual prerolls boasts a potency range of 19%-34% and a 10% hash level. The multi-pack version includes four prerolls with a potency range of 20%-30% and a 20% hash level. Both products are carefully crafted to deliver a quick and well-rounded high. 

Up North, a company rooted in Humboldt, California, a northern California county with a history of delivering high quality cannabis, also produces preroll products. Their products boast a number of effects, such as focus and relaxation, with an average of 25% potency, while delivering a clean high. 

7. Joint Rolling Machines

There are easy to use non electronic joint machines that are easy to use and cheap. Explore through a list of the best joint rolling machines in 2021. It only takes a few minutes to roll a joint using one of these machines, and they are really simple to use. Although these types of gadgets can prove to be useful, you’re limited to smaller size joints compared to hand-rolling. Nonetheless, if you’re somebody who is not yet experienced with rolling joints, a joint machine is a recommended solution. 

8. Weed Grinders

A company based in Northern California, Mendo Mulcher, has been in the grinder industry for years. Their credibility within the industry is largely due to the well thought out nature of their products. Mendo Mulcher offers both 2-piece and 4 piece-grinders that are entirely made in the United States. With a full lifetime warranty, the company guarantees a no loss of pollen or material with an easy to clean design. Mendo Mulcher grinders proudly boast double the amount of teeth in their grinder than any other on the current market. With a sturdy aluminum build in every one of their products, Mendo Mulcher offers a reliable and long-lasting product to get the best mulch possible. 

9. Cannabis Tea

Kikoko, a woman-owned company in the East Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area, sells a refined line of various products, including cannabis tea. Cannabis tea functions in the same way that edibles do. There are a few methods for making cannabis tea, including adding cannabis tincture to pre-made tea, mixing cannabis with a fat substance such as butter, coconut oil and adding to tea leaves and water to make a latte, or, and perhaps the most common from companies like Kikoko, infusing water with dry cannabis flower. With a variety of teas that include natural products such as chamomile extract and organic cane sugar, teas such as these offer a new experience for reaping the benefits of CBD. 

10. Rolling Papers And Tobacco Wraps

Stiiizy, a chain located all throughout California, offers an extensive collection of cannabis oil products. However, their rolling papers also offer a unique experience. Their papers boast an earthy flavor that is sure to not overpower the contents of a customer’s joint. Each pack, available in black or white, offers 33 papers and 33 tips. Each paper is 77mm by 44mm, or nearly the typical 1 ¼ size. 

There is a huge market for tobacco leaf wraps that people are rolling their weed with and smoking it. Explore through a top 15 list of the best blunt wraps made with a lot of research from IHL.

11. Vaporizers For Cannabis (mention both portable and desktop ones)

Vaping cannabis is becoming a really popular choice with people who don’t want to smoke anymore, and that’s because it’s much more smoother on the throat. People are also choosing the option of portable weed vaporizers because it’s much easier to grind and push a button to vape compared to rolling weed.

Aircraft’s Clean Vaporizer hit the California market in early 2021 and wowed customers with its extensive features and sleek design. Compatible with the company’s pod line, the vaporizer comes with a ceramic heating element and consumption controls that help users to take charge of their dosage. In addition to the LI-Polymer, 3.7 V, 330 mAh battery type, which allows for an up to 2 week battery life, the company includes a 1 year warranty. The product, originally only available in Canada, is now available for all LA residents who are able to get their hands on one of the company’s vaporizers. Perhaps the most tech-centered, user-friendly feature is the company’s app that helps a user monitor their vapor volume. 

With headquarters in California and Germany, Storz & Bickel has made a name for themselves with their Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer. Customers have boasted that the Volcano Hybrid is the best desktop vaporizer on the market that enhances the taste of bud and is incredibly easy to use. With a clearly marked interface to increase temperature and air and a convenient app for Android users, the Volcano Hybrid has an extensive following of customers who have been using their products for years with many saying that it works the same as the day they first bought it.  

12. THC Infused Creams for Pain and Skin Care

While THC is an active ingredient in a number of creams and skin care lines, these products only promise to help with issues such as inflammation and provide pain relief in problem areas. Because these products do not enter a user’s bloodstream, there is no need to worry about experiencing a high that is normally associated with THC products, only relief. 

Located in the Greater Bay Area of California, OM’s Lion Balm joins their company’s product line as a pain relief balm. Available both in a jar or as a roll-on stick for easy and clean application, the Lion Balm boasts soothing properties. Their 4 oz jar includes 400 mg THC/100 mg CBD and their .05 oz stick includes 60 mg THC/15 mg CBD. Their ingredients are a range of moisturizing oils and butters, such as jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and avocado seed oil in addition to full sun cannabis. 

Steam offers a number of skin care products, including a face wash and face oil, that help to manage inflammation and irritation, regulate conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne, and ease general discomfort. Their face wash includes ingredients such as baukchiol, which helps to calm pores while cleansing the skin of day-to-day impurities. 

13. Cannabis Extracts For Dabbing And Twax Joints

More people are buying hash today than ever before because of the many different high quality types available. Most people buy cannabis extracts to take dabs, and others are infusing their joints with them. The quality of hashish 

Live resin

Cannabis extracts have also made waves as companies continue their innovative streaks of finding new and refined ways of producing their products. Live resin, one of the new and most talked about products on various social media platforms, consists of natural cannabis derived terpenes that are preserved by freezing cannabis right after harvest. Current users swear by the product’s effects, claiming a longer and smoother high. 


Rosin, not to be confused with resin, is produced through an extraction process that includes heat and pressure that produces a “sap”. Typically produced and meant to be consumed as dabs, rosin offers a high potency in comparison to a number of other extraction products. Rosin has created something of a following due to being somewhat easy to DIY, including an entire subreddit dedicated to its production, r/rosin. THC pills and Rosin pills have become popular in California too.


There is a wide variety of products scattered all over the Golden State, ensuring that users are never bored and certainly keeps them coming back for more and to see what latest creations have come out of these companies. These products offer a wide range of effects, from those that are able to produce a high to those that are used for medicinal purposes like pain relief, California never fails to disappoint with the number of marijuana-related solutions their market has to offer. Their state regulations also ensure that the products that come out of the companies headquartered in the state comply with strict guidelines to keep consumers safe. California continues to be a key state to watch for new products as the marijuana market continues to grow and be accessible to customers from all over the world.

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