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NHG Fitofarmacos & Nutraceuticos announces partnership with Laboratory of Neuroimmune and Federal University of Latin American


Partnership to conduct pre-clinical and double-blind clinical trials with standardized pharmaceutical formulations based on cannabinoids

CAMPINAS, Brazil – March 8, 2021 /Canna Newswire/ – Since its foundation, NHG Pharmaceuticals has been operating discreetly in the highly speculative medicinal cannabis market in Brazil.

Structured by Fernando Cesar Mendes, formerly in charge of New Business Development for the world famous Dutch company Green House Seed Co., financial entrepreneur Nathan Marcelo Moreira, and the American businessman Mark Neeleman, a co-founder of AZUL Brazilian Airlines, on its board of directors.

Focused on the Brazilian law RDC 327/2019 (ANVISA), which paved the way for the import, manufacture and distribution of cannabis-based products by pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, NHG formalized in the last 12 months exclusive product distribution contracts for API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and finished pharmaceutical grade products with two of the largest EU-GMP certified facilities in Europe, located in Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Additionally, NHG has also entered into a Joint Venture with Belcher Farmacêutica do Brasil, a multinational company based in Maringá/PR, which will involve mutual cooperation in the import, sales, distribution, and research and development of cannabis-based medicines in Brazil.

To ensure large-scale supply capable of supplying the enormous Brazilian market, NHG recently signed a LOI with Portuguese giant Symtomax. Approved by INFARMED to begin the process of implementing the cultivation and export of medical cannabis (raw material and finished products), the company is located in the city of Porto, and, with a pre-approved license of 105 hectares, will be the largest medical cannabis operation in Europe, operating in the production, research, cultivation, processing and distribution of cannabis-based products and medicines on the world market.

In the field of research and development, NHG has signed three important partnership agreements, one of them with Insilicall, the first Drug Discovery platform in Latin America, which uses artificial intelligence and Big Data in the optimization of pre-clinical testing, reducing the need for animal and in vitro testing. NHG, together with its medical-scientific team that includes the Italian physician and prescriber of medicinal cannabis Dr. Lorenzo Calvi, will collaborate with the fostering of data for the development of new formulations for several diseases.

Furthermore, through a partnership with Prof. Jean Pierre Schatzmann Peron, associate professor at the Department of Immunology – ICB – USP and G4 associate researcher of the Scientific Platform Pasteur – USP, NHG will conduct pre-clinical studies using experimental models with human neorodegenerative and neuroinflammatory diseases.

The Neuroimmune Interactions Laboratory (ICB/USP) conducts research in the field of immunology, studying cellular and molecular mechanisms important in the pathophysiology of infectious diseases, such as Congenital Zika Virus Syndrome, and autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. The studies are conducted both in vitro, in cell cultures, and in vivo, in experimental models.

Firstly, the partnership will conduct studies in chronic and highly debilitating inflammatory diseases whose treatments are still extremely expensive or palliative. Therefore, the study of new therapeutic approaches is necessary, and there is a huge potential in cannabinoids.

Prof. Jean Pierre’s team has published over 50 papers in high-profile international journals including Nature, Nature Immunology and Science, with over 2300 citations.

As for human clinical trials, NHG has already signed a partnership with UNILA (Federal University of Latin American Integration), through Professor Francisney Nascimento and his team at the Laboratory of Clinical Neuropharmacology, Department of Medicine, to conduct double-blind randomized controlled clinical trials with groups of patients with neurodegenerative pathologies.

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