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Sacramental Life Churches (SLC) invites you, aspiring Ministry Founders, with religious beliefs in Blessed Cannabis Sacrament Practices to establish New SLC Churches Worldwide. This is a presentation by Attorney for SLC, Matthew S. Pappas, discussing the advent of Provisioning Sacramental Cultivation by a local Humboldt County Spiritual Cannabis farms for SLC Ministries.

The findings of the Superior Court of California have been declared: “And under the Church Doctrine, which this Court does not question, the blessing that is administered transforms the substance from mere cannabis into a religious sacrament … This is the religious belief and we respect that. And I think the same deference needs to be given to this church. The blessing transforms the substance from cannabis into religious sacrament. I think I have to accept that, and I do accept that.”

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California Superior Court Judge, David Cohn This introduction was to those of the local community who had expressed a desire to farm Spiritually for the SLC “Mother”, providing Sacramental Cannabis for the Religious Practices of SLC Ministries and Members, as Protected under The First Amendment of The United States Constitution, The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act and The Religious Freedom Restoration Act. There were two of these gatherings held the weekend of April 20, 2019 at Richardson’s Grove, in Humboldt County, CA. Since this time, SLC, guided by Matthew Pappas and SLC Stewards of the Word, Charity and Aligned Hearing. It’s through Spiritual Practices with Blessed Cannabis Sacrament, Communion, and in service of a Divine Universal Power, in open faith, for community, giving and seeking to heal and stimulate healing in the world at large.

Sacramental Life Churches
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