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What do you know about cannabis decarboxylation? Test your knowledge with this crossword


What do you know about cannabis decarboxylation? A lot? A little? Either way, the best of us are always refining our skills; you can’t do that without getting experience and reviewing what you know. Test your knowledge with a cannabis crossword all about decarboxylation!

For those of you who are new to this method, decarboxylation is key for making edibles. Essentially, it’s the art of activating the incredible compounds within the plant so that your body can enjoy its effects.

The entire process is simple and fairly easy but without proper oversight, it can go wrong quite quickly. Why? It’s chemistry! Decarbing your cannabis requires a chemical reaction and for that to happen, the conditions need to be just right. Watch this video by The Wellness Solder and learn more about cannabis decarboxylation or check out the highlights in this article.

Hopefully you enjoyed playing this cannabis decarboxylation crossword! Do you have any tips or tricks you use to decarboxylate your cannabis? What kind of edibles do you like to make? Comment and let us know!


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