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NYC Psychiatrist Talk About Medicinal Marijuana Treat For Depression


Can Medical Marijuana treat depression and anxiety? Dr. Robert McMullen of TMS Brain Care in New York City, USA thinks that cannabis can have an effect, but that it is not the best choice.

Lack of Empirical Studies
Because cannabis has been illegal, there have not been many studies done on its possible theraputic uses. Because there have been little research on the subject, there is simply not much known about it at all.

Some anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabis can be used to successfully to treat depression as there have been people who have shown an improvement in symptoms when using cannabis. Unfortunately, the same anecdotal evidence also suggests that the patient may develop a tolerance to its effects, thus rendering it ineffective over time.

Possible Side Effects
Every drug has side effects and cannabis is no different. The downside of using cannabis is that it can have staggering side effects over the long haul. Habitual users, for example, who smoke 7 joints day show memory impairment.

There are also many people who have experienced their first panic attacks after beginning marijuana use. Also, despite some anecdotal evidence that cannibis may be useful in treating depression, there is also evidence that cannabis can exacerbate mood disorders.

The Doctor’s Recommendations
Because there has been so little research done and the effects of cannabis on mental health is largely unknown, Dr. McMullen recommends avoiding cannabis.

If you are seeking psychiatric care in the New York City area, contact TMS Brain Care at (212) 362-9635 or visit https://www.tmsbraincare.com.

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