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Is CBD Oil in skincare Effective?


Maleka and Cosmetic Scientist Chris Smith, talk the Skincare Science behind CBD Oil in skincare. What is the scientific evidence? Is CBD oil a better antioxidant than Vitamin C? How does the anti-inflammatory action of CBD oil compare with Echium Oil? What is the optimum concentration? Will it make you high? Is CBD oil it safe? Is Hemp Oil the same?

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Hi everyone. I am Maleka. For 39 years I grafted my way up the beauty industry, reaching GM of UK/ROI and finally Senior Vice President/General Manager for North America. I created MERUMAYA based on decades on conversations with women just like you to provide skincare that delivers on the promise that your perfectly imperfect self is accepted just the way you are.

I have a lot of experience and knowledge to share with you, and I will do it honestly – sometimes making your toes curl – as I uncover Beauty-Full Bullshit, bring brainiac scientists to the screen to nix myths, How-to’s and How-not-to’s. It will be honest, audacious, provocative, irreverent, challenge beauty bullshit, and anything that serves to undermine women generally… and did I say honest?

I firmly believe that:
– products should work and not rip you off
– that you should have the confidence to be your true self, and be accepted just the way you are
– you should find inspiration to realise your potential and happiness
– you should be given straight forward information that allows YOU to make YOUR decisions armed with all the facts.

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