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Try something new in 2021: Autoflowers – Latest Cannabis News Today


A new year always comes along with changes, even when we try our best to fight the cliche, it does. The thing is, as much as we refuse to fall into the norm, a new beginning will always have us wondering which things we could finally change to put our lives on track towards our goals. 

Some normal new year resolutions include improving at this or that skill, or learning a new one, finally getting that summer body you’ve always dreamed of, adopting a pet, and more. But from a stoner’s point of view, one common New Year’s resolution is to finally start growing your own cannabis plants at home.

It usually looks easy at first, but just like with everything new, things can get quite overwhelming, and fast. This is because as soon as we start investigating, new terms we had never heard of before can frighten us, making things look harder than we thought they would be. 

Well, to make your stoner wishes easier to reach, we’re here to introduce you to the first and most basic term you should learn concerning marijuana seeds: whether they’re photoperiodic or autoflowers.

To begin with and as a general rule, I’d definitely suggest that all beginner marijuana cultivators go for autoflower seeds, but let’s understand why. Autoflower cannabis seeds are, let’s say, the friendliest type of seeds to grow. What does this mean? The chances of your plant failing to grow are hugely reduced in comparison to photoperiodics. 

But how exactly do these two differ you might wonder. Let’s start off by explaining the stages in which a cannabis plant grows before we can get into the differences between photoperiods and autoflowers.

The first stage of a cannabis plant after germination is the vegetative stage. The vegetative stage is simply the one where the plant will start to grow out its structure, branches and leaves, until it reaches the point in which it’s strong enough to hold the buds. Only once the plant slips into the flowering stage, which is where we’ll find the point of divergence between the two types of seeds, it’s when the plant will start producing the flowers, a.k.a. the buds.

So what’s this difference? Well, photoperiod seeds are let’s say, the manual or analog type of cannabis seeds. The term photoperiodism refers to the physiological reaction of organisms to the length of the night or a dark period. This means photoperiods grow and grow in their vegetative stage until their light cycle is changed to less than 12 hours of dark per day.

Autoflower seeds, as the name suggests, don’t work all that way, they slip into the flowering stage automatically. Yes, they also go through the vegetative stage once germinated but, as if they had a biological clock, they switch to the flowering stage independent of the amounts of light received. This is why autoflower cannabis seeds are a better suggestion for those looking to start their path as a cannabis cultivator, without the risks of failing and wasting money on their seeds along the process.

Besides, autoflower plants nowadays aren’t what they used to be back then. You might bump into experienced cultivators who still would rather grow autos because of the high-quality strains available in the market today. 

For example, there are even autoflower-seeds-focused companies such as Fast Buds, which breed and commercialize automatic cannabis seeds only. By focusing just on these types of seeds, they manage to perfect their genetics up to supreme standards.  

So, if your New Year resolution for this hopefully not so catastrophic 2021 is becoming a great marijuana cultivator, definitely buy autoflowering cannabis seeds instead of photoperiods. You’ll save yourself a couple of nightmares and harvest in the blink of an eye. Good luck to you with your cultivation experience!

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