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Red White & Bloom Finance Closing Costs to Acquire Illinois Assets


Cannabis company Red White & Bloom just officially arranged the purchase of its new assets, along with an Illinois Adult Use and Medical Cannabis Cultivation Center License.

“Surpassing US $1 Billion of adult use sales in only its first year, Illinois has quickly developed into one of the most robust revenue markets in the United States,” said Brad Rogers, Chairman & CEO of RWB. “With the financing now secured, we are thrilled to be one step closer to bringing Red White & Bloom’s nationally-recognized brands to this market. The renewed optimism around the State permitting an additional 75 retail locations further highlights the enormous opportunity Illinois offers.”

“We are particularly enthused that Illinois has laid out the roadmap for the strongest social equity and diversity programs in the cannabis industry,” added Bennett Johnson III, RWB’s Director of Government Affairs & Public Policy. “Their vision aligns strongly with our core tenets of championing social justice initiatives and fostering robust partnerships with marginalized stakeholders. We have started the work in advance of closing to ensure that we can contribute to this mandate and play our part in a meaningful way.”

Now that this deal is ready to close, the next step is to bring Red White & Bloom companies like Platinum Vape and High Times products into Illinois. Platinum Vapes is already established in the legal markets of Michigan, California, and Oklahoma, and the company also hopes to expand to Arizona. 

“I couldn’t be more excited about our latest High Times launch. The fact these products are in  such insatiable demand is a testament to the brand and the quality of the products being  released to the Michigan market” said Red White & Bloom Chairman and CEO Brad Rogers regarding the brand’s connections in the industry. “There is much  more coming over the course of the next few weeks and this is a very exciting time for all who recognize and respect the fight and fortitude of High Times® as the only brand and the true  “OG” of the cannabis industry. “ 

The Values and Standards of Red White & Bloom

Red White & Bloom prides itself on, in the words of a recent press release, “quality, safety, and consistency,” which they believe are qualities that will appeal to the people of Illinois. 

“Our management team is from Canada, where the federal quality standards are super, super high when it comes to purity and consistency,” Tyler Troup, an advisor to Red White & bloom, explained in an exclusive interview with High Times published in January. “And so we kind of brought that mantra to our operations with us, in the brands that were established. We hope to have a big retail presence in Michigan in 2021 and bring that discipline to that market as well.”

The company hopes to have a bigger impact wherever they go, something they do by connecting with the community. 

“What we want to do is be much more involved in the community, much more involved in social equity, and much more involved in just overall philanthropy in the state,” said Troup. 

This is an exciting announcement for the state of Illinois, as they will now have access to the Platinum Vapes and Red White & Bloom brands already popular in other states.

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