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How to Get Discounts for Medical Marijuana


It is an unfortunate fact that medical marijuana tends to be rather expensive, with patients paying an average of $8-$10.00 per gram. If a doctor has prescribed a patient the use of one gram a day, those prices will add up quickly. Factor in taxes, and you’re looking at nearly, if not over, $300 a month for a medical need.

For some people, that’s rent, or groceries, or utilities for the month. Not everyone can afford what essentially equates to being an additional bill every month. Insurance that covers medicinal cannabis does exist, but another unfortunate reality is that not all can acquire or maintain it.

You might be asking yourself, “Alright then, what are the options?” You’ve come to the right place! There are a few paths to take for those that have a low-income status. Let’s explore these options!

On October 17, 2018, cannabis was legalized in Canada. There’s no reason that anyone should have to pay an arm and a leg to acquire what would be a medicinal benefit for them.


Weedmaps is a tool that allows you to search for dispensaries local to you. Weedmaps will list the products available at each dispensary as well as the discounts available.


Strainprint is a mobile app that allows users of the app to log which strains they use and see how much improvement one has over another for them. Whether for medical or recreational use, Strainprint allows you to log entries and gain points which you can use to acquire discounts.

Legal and Licensed Producers

THC BioMed

Located in Kelowna, B.C. THC BioMed intends to offer affordable cannabis of the highest quality. THC BioMed offers R&D services and Consulting to licensed producers as well as royalty-free materials for new licensed producers. THC also grows and produces high-quality marijuana for customers.

THC BioMed boasts a price of $4.20 a gram for interim supply, with the purchase of clones.


OWO or Order Weed Online is an online cannabis store which offers quality weed most time in discounted price.


Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Aurora is a quickly and substantially growing producer. Aurora has acquired other cannabis producers like Urban Cultivator, CanniMed, MedReleaf, and others! Aurora aims to be a leading producer and researcher in the field of medical cannabis study and discovery. Aurora boasts 40 completed and ongoing publications and studies to their name, and many of them in conjunction with academic research institutions.

Aurora offers those who qualify $6 a gram across all strains, an industry-leading option!

You will need to qualify for this discount. The needed requirements are:

Proof of Low-Income Status (notice of assessment from last year showing AN INCOME OF $24,000 or less

Proof of participation in a federal or provincial disability program OR

If you’re a veteran, Aurora offers discounts for you!


Weed MD has two facilities. One in Aylmer, Ontario, a 26,000 square foot location, and the other in Strathroy, Ontario.

For those with an income under $30,000 a year, WeedMD offers a Compassionate Pricing Program which allows those that are eligible to receive a 20% discount on all cannabis products!

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