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Cannabis: pleasure, madness and medicine with Valerie Curran


Talk by Valerie Curran from 2014. Edited in 2020 with the support of the Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF).

Do different types of cannabis have different psychological effects? Is it healthy or unhealthy to consume cannabis? Why do brains have cannabis receptors? Why might the cannabis plant contain a treasure chest of important medicines?

Cannabis has been used throughout history for its medicinal as well as pleasurable effects. The man smokes the weed, the man is happy. It contains about 100 completely unique ingredients that are called ‘cannabinoids’ and levels of these vary widely in different types of cannabis.

Valerie Curran, from University College London, European expert in research in cannabis, will brings the newest scientific facts on how this variation influences the psychological effects of the drug and why some individuals are vulnerable to experiencing mental health problems. She will explain what is the importance of our brains’ own natural cannabis system.

Briefly, she will ask what implications our increasing scientific understanding of cannabis has for current debates about medicalisation and legalisation.

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