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Cannabis Tech Talks – Episode 27 – Cannabis Genetics: Crafting a New Strain


In this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Sr. Video Editor Adam Saldaña talks with Danny Murr-Sloat, master cannabis cultivator and co-founder of AlpinStash, a small family owned sustainable cannabis grow in Lafayette, Colorado. Murr-Sloat shares how he entered the industry, found his passion for cultivation, and why he loves creating new strains. We reveal what surprises he has in store and why cannabis cultivation is more than a job, it’s a craft.

To learn more visit: https://alpinstash.com
Follow @alpinstash on IG/Twitter/YouTube
Email Danny Murr-Sloat – alpinstash@gmail.com

The Craft of Cannabis – AlpinStash Grow Tour

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Video: Adam Saldaña


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