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KYD Podcast Ep.45 | Q&A Sesh: Safest Way to Consume, The Nose Knows, and Sober October


EP. 45 – Q&A Sesh: Safest Way to Consume, The Nose Knows, and Sober October

Join Nadeem and Derek for this Friday’s Q&A Sesh to find out how to consume cannabis in the safest way possible, how to tell the potential effects of a strain just from the way it smells, and learn more about this year’s Sober October cannabis challenge.

This episode’s three thought-provoking questions are:
What is the safest way to medicate without edibles?
Can I tell how something might make me feel by the smell?
Do you have any guidance or suggestions for decreasing usage steadily before removing cannabis completely, or is cold turkey a realistic approach?

Let us know your thoughts on their answers in the comments, and be sure to send in your cannabis questions for the next Q&A Sesh!


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