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Recreational Marijuana Legalized in New Jersey, Arizona, Montana and South Dakota


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Recreational Marijuana
Legalized in New Jersey,
Arizona, Montana
and South Dakota.
On Tuesday, residents in New Jersey, Arizona, Montana
and South Dakota voted to support the legalization of recreational marijuana. .
New Jersey’s amendment
to the state constitution passed
with an overwhelming 60 percent
of voters in support. .
Governor Phil Murphy tweeted
in celebration of the amendment’s passing,
saying it was a “huge step forward.”.
We did it, New Jersey! … Public Question #1
to legalize adult-use marijuana passed
overwhelmingly tonight, a huge step forward
for racial and social justice and our economy, Governor Phil Murphy, via Twitter.
In Arizona, voters approved Proposition 207,
which in addition to legalization, also allows
marijuana crimes to be expunged. .
In Montana, voters approved two
ballot initiatives: MT Initiative 190
and MT Constitutional Initiative 118.
MT Initiative 190 allows for marijuana
possession, use and growing.
MT Constitutional
Initiative 118 sets
21 as the legal age
for marijuana. .
The passing of South Dakota’s Constitutional
Amendment A allows legal marijuana possession,
growth and sale for adults 21 and older. .
The state also passed a separate measure
establishing a medical marijuana program for people
with “debilitating medical conditions.”


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