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MAKING Medicated CANNABIS Coconut Oil for EDIBLES The KiTHCen Episode 1


Thank you for watching The KiTHCen! A show dedicated to growing your own medicine, and making tasty treats from naturally home grown cannabis.

Episode 1: Cannabis Coconut Oil

What you need:
28 grams of low flower trim
1 cup of organic coconut oil
Mason jar
Coffee filter
Glass bowl
Pot of water

Decarboxilate flower trim by placing trim in a mason jar covered with foil in a preheated oven at 220 degrees F (40 mins, check every 10 mins)
Remove jar from oven set aside for 5 mins
Add one cup organic coconut oil to jar
Set water to lightly boil in a pot over the stove.
Place jar of decarbed cannabis & coconut oil in pot of boiling water
Keep water level even with mix as you will need to keep adding water because of evaporation
Double boil it for roughly 2-3 hours to let material process
Let water slightly cool before removing jar
Place coffee filter in a strainer and put over a glass bowl
Carefully empty contents into the filtered strainer
Keep refrigerated and enjoy this extremely strong recipe

More recipes & ideas are on their way soon.

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