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Season 2 – Episode 1: CannaBasics Crockpot Butter


Alright, Chelsie & Chris are back in Season 2! To start the season we are doing an easy Crockpot Cannabutter! All you will need is a crockpot, mason jars and some unsalted butter. In this recipe we used 15g of flower and 7g of hemp. To calculate the THC use our new Edibles Dosage Calculator found on CannaCook.com.

Full recipe will have 2550.0 mg of THC &
Full recipe will have 1295.0 mg of CBD
If contains 32 Portions, each portion would equal = 70.31 mg
Considered: HEAVY DOSE

Positive Dosage Effects: relaxation, stress reduction, mood lift, giggling laughing, creative, euphoria, reduced nausea, increased appetite, tasks become more interesting, increased awareness of senses, philosophical
ideas flow easily, increase in body/mind connection
Negative Dosage Effects: lightheadedness, headaches, difficulty with short-term memory, paranoia, anxiety, time sense altered, nausea, agitation, racing heart, loss of coordination, panic attacks


Strains Used:
White Widow & Purple Punch

Tools & Ingredients:
Type of Crockpot: Pioneer Woman
Type of Butter: Kerrygold Irish Unsalted Butter (4 Sticks)
2 Mason Jars
Strainer & Cheesecloth

Filmed with a6400 Sony Camera in 4K

For The Full Recipe Visit: https://www.cannacook.com/2020/10/13/easy-crock-pot-cannabutter/
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Intended for States with Medical or Recreational Laws. Please check the laws in your area before consuming Marijuana (THC). Must be 18+ for medical patients and 21+ for recreational patients.


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