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Recreational Marijuana or Medical Cannabis? – Why the Name matters | John Malanca The Sacred Plant


Is Marijuana medicine? Should we call it recreational Marijuana or medical Cannabis? Listen as cannabis expert John Malanca, founder of United Patients Group and host of “The Sacred Plant” explains why the name matters. More about this all-natural wonder herb: http://bit.ly/natural-healing-plant-healthtalks.

Friend, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to any healing modality. We’re all individual and unique.

Watch to uncover just SOME of the benefits of cannabis that John has witnessed and learn from one of the revolutionaries who’s changing the stigma on nature’s most versatile plant. Discover the benefits of cannabis & how marijuana as medicine can be used to heal the body.

“Wait… there are different varietals of cannabis just like wine?” That’s right! Introduce yourself to the WIDE-WORLD of varietals and how there are different types of cannabis with different effects that help treat different ailments.

THC vs. CBD? What’s the difference? Discover the fascinating truth in today’s trending health lesson!

We understand the skepticism and not wanting to smoke cannabis but watch until the end to discover alternative ways to use cannabis and CBDs to heal your body.

Did we spark your curiosity? Discover the truth you won’t hear in mainstream media in this “Empowering You Organically” podcast: http://bit.ly/natural-healing-plant-healthtalks.

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