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Cannabis/Hemp/Bhang in Pakistan | Legal & Social Issue | Medicine | Research | Experts


#Cannabis cultivation in #Pakistan is an issue that needs more information to the general public. I invited the following guests to my show to discuss the issue of cannabis in Pakistan
1. Dr. Hamid Mukhtar – Director of Institute of Biotechnology at GCU Lahore
2. Dr. Tayyab Akhtar – Associate Prof. Institute of Biotechnology at GCU Lahore
3. Dr. Muzamal Iqbal – Expert in Cannabis Chemistry and Formulations (from Holland)

All three guests are #experts in the field of cannabis research. We drew a financial comparison of growing hemp in Pakistan and #Canada. We discussed Islam and cannabis, over the counter medicines employing cannabis, other products such as oil and cream having cannabis. We discussed how CBD oil is helping people with chronic pains. We also discussed the difference between different cannabis plants having THC and CBD concentrations.

پاکستان میں بھنگ استعمال ہونا چاہیے یاں نہیں
اسلام میں بھنگ کی کیا گنجائش ہے
کتنے قسم کے بھنگ ہوتے ہیں

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