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Purple Clementine from Royal Tree Gardens Cannabis


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Purple Clementine from Royal Tree Gardens Cannabis

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We’re going to do a strain review of something from Royal Tree Gardens. This is their Purple Clementine.

Real pretty flowers. The numbers on the Purple Clementine: it was harvested February 24th. Today is May 13th, so what it that? February to March, March to April. So, it’s almost three months off the tree. THC 18.2, CBD 0.04, total cannabinoids 22%. So, that tells me that there’s a number of other cannabinoids within. Commonly listed pesticide treatments, Regalia, RTO, and Safer’s and I’m assuming that this is the Purple Punch cross with a Clementine, but I’m not really sure. Cheers everybody. Purple Clementine.

This, as Rachel would say, tastes like real weed. I mean, I got a real strong cannabis taste in that bong rip and I don’t get that very often. Very nice and it’s got an instant onset. I’m feeling it in my chest and my belly. I’ve been suffering from Crohn’s pretty badly the last two weeks. So it’s been very helpful.

The dry-toke on the Purple Clementine has a real syrupy grapey taste, almost like a pixie stick. It’s got that real sickly sweet smell, which is probably from the Purple Punch. And it’s a mix of citrus and grape. I mean Purple Clementine, right ?
There’s a nice ring of oil around the burn line on the joint. So, there’s a lot of resin on this herb. It’s got a nice flavor. It definitely has the Clementine I’ve smoked a fair amount of Clementine concentrate and Clementine flower and they’re both really, really nice, strong citrus. I prefer the Clementine to the Tangie. Maybe I just haven’t had good Tangie. That’s always a possibility. The weed rolls up really well. It’s a nice mellow buzz. It’s a bit of a creeper. I’m really not feeling too stoned. I’m feeling a bit relaxed, but like I say, it is very oily.

The unburned flower has a real candy smell to it. You probably can’t see this, but you saw the close-ups before. It’s got really nice, very dense buds. It’s got a really nice sweet grapey orangy flavor to it. It almost smells like one of those artificially made flavors, a combo of grape and orange in some candy lab somewhere for some kids to eat. Well, this is making me feel quite mellow, quite nice, like a warm blanket.

When I was last in the hospital when I had my surgery, they would give you warm blankets. And it was really an awesome thing to get a warm blanket and that’s what this feels like. Not quite as warm like that, but with the same comforting feeling. I’m getting that in the trunk of my body.

This is some of the first weed that I’ve smoked in a while. I mean, I smoked a lot of good weed in the last several weeks but this has got to really make an impression on me, the Purple Clementine. I don’t know if I would smoke this all the time, but I could see smoking this throughout the day. It’s really, really nice. Maybe we’ll smoke this on the show this evening, the ash is nice and white. This weed is really good.

Compliments to Royal Tree Gardens. They have been on the scene in the Washington recreational market since the very beginning. I don’t know what their story is in terms of whether they were in the medical community before that. I really don’t know, but I do remember smoking taking their Middle Fork on the road from Seattle down to Southern California when I was driving my daughter to school with my wife and smoking their Middle Fork out in the parking lot of some Hilton hotel off of I5 in the Central Valley. They do good work. They do very good work. Very impressive, big shout out to Royal Tree Gardens.
I am a WA State resident with a legal medical authorization to use and grow cannabis for my Crohn’s Disease.

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