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Super Glue Cannabis from Lit Farms and Dockside: Cannabis Strain Review


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Super Glue Cannabis from Lit Farms and Dockside: Cannabis Strain Review

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This is Super Glue. This was given to us by our friend Stubby Wagger, also known as Paul. It is from Love It or Lit Farms. Organically grown in Washington State, grown in happy, living, soil. So it’s organic and actually when we ground up the buds, you could kind of tell that it was not something that was grown in hydro or with bottled nutrients. Just the way it ground up.

The flowers are not really that impressive. They don’t look like much of anything, except they do have some really dark blue, purple coloration. Which is pretty cool. Now this is the cross of Afghani and Northern Lights. We’re going to do a bong rip and then we’re going to smoke a joint. Super Glue, from Lit or Love It Farms

It actually hit pretty smoothly. I’m kind of surprised. I feel a cough lurking, but it’s not ready to rear its ugly head just yet. The dry pull, it’s got deep, deep pine flavors. Some hints of black licorice, but it’s more Piney.

According to the notations on the jar, it says it’s a hybrid, 60% Indica, 40% Sativa. Calming the mind and body while leaving you able to function socially; a productive high. The numbers; total cannabinoids 15.5%, very old-school numbers. There is zero CBD. The THCA; 13.6.

It was not a fast onset. Now, mind you I’m smoking this at about 7:30 in the morning, and this is my first smoke of the day, but I’m really not feeling much.

We’re about eight minutes into smoking this and I’m starting to feel a really nice; sort of relaxing body feeling coming down my pectorals into my abdominal cavity. My head, not so much. Not yet, at least. That gives me the indication that this is probably going to be a creeper. It’s kind of making me go into my own head, spend some quiet time with myself, which is nice. It’s not a bad thing. It kind of imposes sort of a real chill, mental feeling.

Feeling very chill and sort of floating. Now again, it is my first smoke of the day. So, that may have something to do with the effect it’s having on because I haven’t smoked anything since about 12 hours ago.

It’s very nice. Very nice work. Now, I do not know how much Paul paid for this. I have to assume it’s probably around $40, maybe more, maybe a little bit less, depending on specials and how many bonus points you got at the particular shop. He picked this up at Dockside in Shoreline, Washington.
I am a WA State resident with a legal medical authorization to use and grow cannabis for my Crohn’s Disease.

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