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How to Naturally Cure Any Disease and Live Longer | Don Tolman


Over the years in the international media, Don Tolman has been referred to as the “Wholefood Medicine Man” and also the “Indiana Jones of Wholefoods”. These labels are mostly due to a 17-year quest that took Don on a journey around the world as a young adult, in search of an ancient sacred meal known as, Pulse. Don’s search allowed him to find what he calls, precious nuggets of wisdom, that had been recorded and handed down from long-lived, ancient cultures, most of which today is hidden under lock and key. Don teaches that we should let go of the fear and stop believing that disease is a war that needs to be fought. This is the cut, burn and poison approach of modern medicine that really is doing more harm than good and causing humanity to lose the fight against disease.

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John Templeton is the #1 Transformation coach in Australia, International Speaker, Guinness World Record Holder, Podcast host, Investor and Ex-Special Forces & Celebrity Trainer. For over 15 years, John has worked with Olympic Athletes, Special Forces Soldiers, Professional Sports Teams and empowered thousands of people to create positive and lasting changes in their lives. Bringing together mindset, physical and emotional health to help people find their purpose and fall in love with life.


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