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Cannabis News Update October 14, 2020

Today in the world of cannabis: The cannabis industry reacts to the U.S. VP debate, new research observes cannabis use in senior citizens, and a hipster beer gets down with a new kind of buzz.

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First up: Reuters reports that following last week’s U.S. Vice Presidential debate, cannabis company stocks rose as Senator and VP nominee Kamala Harris said that a Biden/Harris administration would federally decriminalize cannabis.

Harris, who is the lead sponsor of the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act of 2019, also said that a Biden/Harris administration would expunge the records of those convicted with cannabis-related crimes.

Cannabis stock tracker MJ ETF MJ.P rose 5.5%, Tilray Inc rose 19.2%, U.S. shares of Canopy Growth Corp, Aphria Inc, and Aurora Cannabis rose between 10% and 13% following last week’s debate.


And next: A recent study conducted by Haifa University’s School of Public Health indicates that regular cannabis use does not contribute to cognitive decline in senior citizens. This according to The Jerusalem Post.

“Previous studies have shown that medical cannabis can have long-term effects on the brain when consumed at a young age, but this is not necessarily the same effect when consumed in old age,” said Dr. Sharon Sznitman and Dr. Galit Weinstein, two of the study researchers.

125 subjects with an average age of 62 years were involved in the study. 63 of the subjects were licensed medical cannabis patients, while 62 were not. A series of computerized tests to evaluate psychomotor responses, concentration, memory, and learning abilities were used to measure cognitive function.

“Our research findings may reduce concerns among physicians who deal with chronic pain and among patients suffering from it regarding the possible effects of cannabis on brain function,” the researchers added.


Last up: In a win for the intersection of the Millennial Hipster and cannabis beverage aficionado communities, Pabst Blue Ribbon has announced the launch of its cannabis-infused seltzer line. The product was made in partnership with PBR and Pabst Labs, a California-based cannabis company started by former PBR employees.

“The same Blue Ribbon you know and love now comes with a different kind of buzz,” says Pabst Labs on their website. “Perfect for sparking your creativity, or just making whatever you’re doing a little bit better.”

The nonalcoholic seltzer comes in 25 calories and 5mg of THC per can, made with California grown cannabis.

“5mg of THC, or as we call it, the right amount to start having a good time,” Pabst Labs says.

Products are now available in dispensaries throughout California and next day delivery is available in select counties.



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