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CBD Oil for Anxiety Las Vegas – CBD American Shaman Las Vegas


CBD Oil for Anxiety Las Vegas, CBD American Shaman Las Vegas
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CBD oil, the fastest growing natural health remedy, has just been raised to a new level of potency and effectiveness with Nano CBD products from CBD American Shaman Las Vegas.

Using 100% organic and full-spectrum hemp oil, we developed a proprietary nanotechnology process to reduce the normal size of hemp oil particles from 8,000 to less than 100 nanometers. This creates “Nano CBD Oil” that increases the potency and bio-activity in the body’s cells by up to 10x compared to regular CBD oil.

CBD oil is made from help but it’s not marijuana and does not contain the part of the plant that causes a pycho-active “high”. CBD oil is legal in all 50 states, thanks to the US Farm Bill passed in December of 2018. The many health benefits of CBD oil include relief from chronic pain, anxiety, sleep problems, migraines, chronic illness and injury recovery, inflammation, PTSD, neuological disorders, stress, skin problems, brain fog and more.

How CBD Oil Works
Scientists say CBD benefits come from our Endocannabinnoid System (ECS) which has hundreds of cellular receptors for cannabidoils exist throughout the body. It helps regulate every biological system, including neurological, cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems. All mammals have an ECS, including our beloved pets. This is why CBD oil for aging dogs and cats are very effective and have given rise to a booming new market for CBD pet products.

Athletes Find Relief With CBD Oil
According to Dr. Gerry Ramogida, “The current research is showing Cannabidiol (CBD) to be an effective anti inflammatory, particularly within the nervous system (neuro anti inflammatory) (1,2,4). It has effective anti anxiety properties and displays neuroprotective effects (6,7,8). CBD can improve sleep quality and duration (without altering normal sleep rhythms unlike Pharmaceutical sleep medication), and can help in managing both acute and chronic pain (3). In addition, unlike opioids, CBD has no psychoactive or addictive qualities. When you combine all of this it appears that CBD has significant potential to be of benefit to athlete recovery and performance.”

Co-owners of CBD American Shaman Las Vegas, Gemma Cruz and Shawn Spivak, got into the business after seeing how Nano CBD Oil healed their critically ill 13-year old dog, Hugo.

Cruz said, “We thought we were going to lose him. But then I found an article about the benefit of CBD oil for dogs. Just days after getting Hugo on his daily regiment of CBD, he began eating, walking, running, barking and playing again. It was amazing. Then 5 weeks later we took him back to the vet and his ultrasound showed his kidney cyst has shrunk from 9mm to under 2mm. CBD changed our lives.”

Spivak said “We give anyone that comes to our store a free sample of Nano CBD mixed with a small amount of water and within 10 minutes they can feel it. Normal CBD oil takes hours to get into the body and usually a few days to feel benefits because the body only uses about 10% of it. But the body uses over 90% of our Nano CBD oil, so you can feel it within 10 minutes.”

With nearly 200 CBD-only stores opened (or in process) nationwide, CBD American Shaman’s rapid growth is being fueled by the success of their unique Nano CBD oil products. Las Vegas residents and thier pets now has access to the natural health benefits of Nano CBD Oil products.



CBD American Shaman Las Vegas
5135 S Fort Apache Road
Las Vegas, NV 89148
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