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Cannabis News Update October 6th, 2020

Today in the world of cannabis: A woman in Florida tries to sesh with a cop, a well-known Canadian cannabis company stuns the market with a big announcement, and one Prime Minister lets us know that “she’s not like a regular world leader, she’s a cool world leader.”

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First up: In today’s episode of “What The Florida,” a woman in Sumter County was arrested recently for trying to sesh with a police officer. This according to Fox 35 Orlando.

50-year old Constance Polk was spotted sitting inside of her car on a sunny Sunday morning when an officer approached her to conduct a well-being check. During the check, the officer noticed that she had cannabis in her possession.

When asked about it, Polk told the officer that although she didn’t currently have a medical cannabis license, she does want to get one. According to her arrest affidavit, it was then that she also asked the officer if they would be interested in lighting some of it up with her. It was then that the Sumter County police officer arrested Polk.


And next: In a report by Globe Newswire, Canadian licensed cannabis producer Aurora Cannabis announced that the company anticipates recording both $1.8 billion in goodwill impairment charges in the fourth quarter of 2020 and about $140 million in inventory charges. In addition, Aurora announced the naming of a new CEO.

According to the lawsuit, Aurora, headquartered in Edmonton, has been accused of federal securities law violations, including misleading investors regarding prior acquisition values and asset degradation. Aurora’s stock fell 11.6% in one day following the news. Since May 2020, Aurora’s stock has dropped nearly 74%.

The lawsuit states that Aurora’s news comes as a shock since the company recently hailed its “business transformation plan” that would “better align the business financially with the current realities of the cannabis market.”

Investors who have purchased Aurora shares between February 13th and September 4th, 2020 are invited to contact Block & Leviton for more information.


Last up: During a recent political debate, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern decided to let viewers know that “she’s not like a regular world leader, she’s a cool world leader.”

“Yes I did, a long time ago,” Prime Minister Ardern said when asked if she had ever used cannabis by the debate moderator. Her response was met with applause by the debate audience. It is worth noting that when later asked whether or not she supported cannabis legalization, a topic on the ballot during the country’s election scheduled for October 17th, Ardern declined to answer.

The New York Times reported that when it came to Ardern’s comments on past cannabis use, New Zealanders seemed to hardly bat an eye. Independent studies indicate that approximately 80% of New Zealanders have tried cannabis at least once.

“Most people will have just smiled to themselves, as most have had a puff,” said Peter Williamson, 67, a Methodist minister in South Auckland. “I’m probably one of the few people who’s never actually had the opportunity.”



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